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PoetiCamera features artists 


PoetiCamera is a platform that hosts photographers and poets for joint creation with us.

This chapter presents such collaborations: Nurit created with guest poets, Sigal created with guest photographers and the videos were produced at the PoetiCamera Home.

Heartfelt thanks to the photographers and poets who have so far participated in PoetiCamera (from last to first):

Photographers: Ziv Koren, Shlomo Israeli, Gila Gilad, Nino Herman, Liat Yavneh Rip.

Poets: Iris Eliya Cohen, Agi Mishol, Ariane Solal, Eli Eliyahu, Tali Weiss, Shoshana Karbasi,

           Talya Ronen Garti.

Gila Gilad

Ariane Solal

Nino Herman 

Eli Eliyahu 

Liat Yavneh Ripp 

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