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About the shows

Every PoetiCamera series is accompanied with a show.

In the show we project a series that is made up of short films.

In addition, we share with the audience the thoughts, challenges and deliberations that came up during our work.

It's a show for art lovers, lyrics and camera enthusiasts, and anyone with a beating heart.

The first series – “Crossroads”:

In this show we share with the audience the way we see the similarities and differences between photography and poetry, the themes that inspire us and the circumstances that gave birth to PoetiCamera


The second series – “Without Makeup”:

This series is dedicated to women, their relationships with the world and between themselves. In the show, we state where the idea to devote this series to women originated, our approach to social art and how we deal with gender stereotypes in our work.

​In this series we host the photographers: Nino Herman, Liat Yavne Rip and Gila Gilad, and the poets: Agi Mishol, Eli Eliyahu, Tali Weiss , Shoshana Karbasi, Arian Solal,Talya Garti and Iris Eliya Cohen.

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