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"Your artistic blending, between poetry and photography,

it is one of a kind, fascinating and exciting.

Your wonderful exhibition drew the attention of the visitors to the library,

who were very impressed with the professional and high-quality presentations,

that managed to have a profound impact

on each of us. "

Orly Avni - Director

And all the Pardes Hanna - Karkur Library staff, 2020

"A pleasure to the ears and eyes. The exhibition was for women, but it is also interesting for someone as old as me. A lot of thought given to the smallest details, thanks."

Micha Eisinger

Yad Lebanim Gallery, Haifa, 2019

"Congratulations on a masterpiece, cultural pioneering at their best"

 Isaac Goldfinger, Chair of the Khan Museum, Hadera, 2017

"To Sigal and Nurit, it is a pleasure for me to put into writing my deep appreciation for the special event, which you have given us. Good luck to the both of you."

 Hedva Yehezkeli, Deputy Mayor, Hadera, 2017

"Each of the mediums (the photograph, the poetry and the video) is unique and provides an aesthetic experience. Thank you for the experience.

Dr. Matthew Davidson, 2017

"A very special artwork is born from the unification of photographs and poetry. A beautiful blending and a touching collaboration. Wishing you both a continued fruitful and enjoyable journey that will bring us more of your creations."

Hani Sternberg, 2017

"How wonderful to have made your dreams a reality. You have created a wonderful connection between two arts, two worlds.

A touching blend and I foresee in it a great potential. Your internal voice bubbles from each presentation and provides a special uniqueness to the combination.  

Aliya Stern, 2017

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