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A cinematic dialogue between poetry and photography 

אגם כללי רומן
פואטיקאמרה ביד לבנים חיפה
PoetiCamera ?

It's this

Who we are


Sigal Zahavi      Nurit Bhonker

Poet                       Photographerתת

Nice to meet

About the idea

In the summer of 2015, we began having weekly meetings, in which we examined the materials from which photographs and poems are made and asked ourselves where poetry and photography intersect.


During the sessions, the desire arose to find a way, which would merge between a photograph and a poem, a way that would narrow the gap between the two arts - the gap between art in space and linear art. We strived for every poem and photograph to stand in its own right, but so that the sum would be greater than its parts.

פואטיקאמרה תערוכה מוזיאון החאן


From the guestbook

" Congratulations on a masterpiece, cultural pioneers at their best "

Yitzhak Goldfinger, Chair of the Khan Museum, Hadera

" It was a really wonderful and exciting evening. A new language was born in good luck "

Hedva Shfaram

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